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The Thief and The Hat

Digital Painting | 2012 | 3mins


Three thieves are trying to get hat back from the moon,but...


Director/Script/Animation/Edit: Xinxin Liu
Sound Effects/Music Recording Engineer: Hang Ji
Music: Mr.Magorium's Wonder Emporium OST
Production:China Academy of Art



12th Animation School Of Beijing Film Academy,Tadahito Mochinaga Award
Shinjuku Art Competition,Honorable Mention Prize


Bucheon International Animation Festival,Bucheon,Korea

“PANAMANIM” International Animation Film Festival, Paris, France

Xi’an International Animation Festival, Xi’an, China

China International Student Animation Festival,Beijing,China

Xiamen International Animation Festival,Xiamen,China

Zhejiang Art Museum,Hangzhou,China

@ 2018-2021  Xinxin Liu  All right reserved
Animation Director
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